More Music Workday

Craig keeps your workday moving with the more music workday. Including news updates. Local weather and information about brisbane. Request line is 0732210197

School Program

Join the students from Centenary State High School as they broadcast on Switch Brisbane Thursdays and Fridays. The Students Rule the Roost! So far over 60 Students have participated. The Students are developing new programs and guidance documents for us here at the Switch. We couldn’t be prouder!

Hot 30 with Matty

Fridays from 7 PM Matty counts down the Hottest 30 Songs as voted by you!

Steve Rickertt’s hit pick chooses locally sourced music submit yours

Craig updates us on the latest entertainment news.

Richard tucker updates us on U.S. chart movement.

Hot 30 After Party

The hot 30 After party is 2 hours of music mixed by our very own Matty, get your requests by calling 1800646376 or 0732210197. we have only 1 phone line so don’t be afraid to leave a message.

Weekend Anthems with Ian James

Ian James hosts 2 hours of dance tracks including your requests.

House Party

Renowned D.J. M.C. Mario serves up one hour of the greatest house on the planet.


Join Sly Chapple Saturdays from 6 PM for the Electrode Top 10 EDM tracks of the week